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Workshops for digital transformation

CoObeya - Digital - Transformation - Workshops engage internal experts and create a common understanding of the challenges, opportunities, objectives and the way to achieve them

Perfect start - agile development

Regarding digitization many companies are far more developed than they think. Numerous processes already run on a digital basis or are digitally supported. Various departments have launched prototypes. Sometimes even top-managers aren't aware of the digital strength their firm has already acquired. A CEO of a big chemical company, for instance, was surprised when we showed him which digital projects had already been presentetd at various congresses by his employees.

It requires more than single projects in different parts of the company. Without an integrative strategy there is a danger that the development could be slowed down by fragmentation and thus a lot of money might be wasted without any contribution to creation of value.

A multidisciplinary workshop can be a good first step to focusing existing projects and developing an integrative strategy. Systematic preparation is crucial. Potential, market opportunities, trends and long-term vision of the top management should be prepared in a way that can serve as a valuable basis for the workshop in advance.

The workshop itself will be focused on creating a big picture of digitization and a practical roadmap to achieve them. After that, all participants know about the next steps and share a common understanding of the digitization strategy. In this way the workshop contributes to motivation for digital transformation and engages internal experts.

Workshop duration: 2 days

Preparation and follow-up: depending on specific situation and requirements

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published: October 26, 2015, © Uwe Weinreich