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Seminars and education in lean digitization

CoObeya - Trainings provide the essential knowledge for management of digital transformation

Building up management competencies

Digital transformation needs experts: experts on your products, market, technologies, connectivity, data analysis, software developement and many more.

Besides all that, digital transformation requires steering and coordination of internal and external specialists to secure successful cooperation. This management is more than pure IT-management. Diverging fields of knowledge have to be integrated: IT, sure, but marketing, market analysis, design, service and strategic competencies as well.

We offer seminars for managers who are responsible for digitization projects, such as project managers, IT managers, business developers and directors who have declared digitization as a top management topic.

Currently we can offer you a three days in-house basic training covering:

Building on this we can offer you one- or two-day deep-dive seminars on

The courses will be led by different experts who are specialized in their fields. Legal aspects, for instance, will be covered by a specialist lawyer. In-house seminars can always be adapted to your needs.

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published: October 26, 2015, © Uwe Weinreich