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Lean Digitization ℠*

Strategy development

Strategy Consulting

Lean Digitization ℠ makes use of well-proven methods of lean management to implement digitization and industrial internet savely and with limited resources. We provide support and consulting for medium sized enterprises and big companies during development of digital strategies and implementation of projects. A good way to start can be a LEAN DIGITIZATION ℠ workshop

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Seminars / Education

Seminars and Education

In order to deploy digital strategies it is essential to have qualified employees. Multidisciplinary teams and a common cross-functional understanding is required on:
We provide in-house seminars and workshops on these topics.

Online Course

Free Knowledge  Online

Read and discuss weekly how digital transformation can succeed using the Lean Digitization ℠ approach. Articles will cover:

  • Lean Digitization ℠ - proven management methodology for digitization
  • creating a digital business
  • implementing digitization in the organization

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